Discover intense sweetness with MYLÉ’s META line. Innovative flavors, robust satisfaction. Explore the vaping revolution with MYLÉ in 2024.

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Brand Information:

MYLÉ, a leader in the vaping industry, offers a range of innovative products like MYLÉ Nano, Mini, MICRO, DRIP, and PODS. Known for its quality, MYLÉ introduces the META line with 21 new intense sweet flavors, enhancing user satisfaction.

Article: “Revolutionizing Vaping with MYLÉ META Line”

In 2024, MYLÉ unveils the META line, redefining vaping experiences. Packed with mouthwatering flavors like Iced Tropical Fruit and Skittlez, MYLÉ ensures intense sweetness, flavor potency, and stability from the first puff to the last.

Brand Value:

MYLÉ’s commitment to flavor intensity, potency, and stability sets it apart. With revamped classics and innovative META line, MYLÉ prioritizes user satisfaction, ensuring a robust flavor experience in every product.

MYLÉ’s Impact:

MYLÉ’s revamped Meta Bar, Meta Box, and Meta Pod System aim to satisfy customers seeking bold sweetness. The brand’s 1-year warranty, quality assurance, and commitment to customer satisfaction elevate MYLÉ’s reputation in the vaping market.


MYLÉ’s journey reflects a dedication to meeting user needs. The META line’s intense sweetness and revamped classics showcase MYLÉ’s continuous efforts to provide a superior vaping experience. As MYLÉ evolves, users can expect innovation, reliability, and satisfaction.

  1. How long does the MYLÉ Nano Disposable last?
    • The MYLÉ Nano Disposable lasts until it’s empty. It comes fully charged with approximately 600 puffs.
  2. Can MYLÉ Nano Disposable be refilled?
    • No, MYLÉ Nano Disposables are pre-filled and not refillable.
  3. What is the nicotine concentration in MYLÉ Nano Disposable?
    • Each MYLÉ Nano Disposable contains 2.5 ml of liquid with 5% nicotine.
  4. How do I store MYLÉ Nano Disposable?
    • Store closed at room temperature in the original packaging, away from children and pets.
  5. How many puffs does MYLÉ Mini Disposable deliver?
    • MYLÉ Mini Disposable provides approximately 280 puffs per device.
  6. Can MYLÉ Mini Disposable be refilled?
    • No, pre-filled MYLÉ Mini Disposables are not reusable or refillable.
  7. What is the nicotine concentration in MYLÉ Mini Disposable?
    • Each MYLÉ Mini Disposable contains 1.2 ml of liquid with 2% or 5% nicotine.
  8. How long does the MYLÉ MICRO last?
    • MYLÉ MICRO delivers approximately 1000 puffs per device.
  9. Can MYLÉ MICRO be refilled?
    • No, pre-filled MYLÉ MICRO devices are not reusable or refillable.
  10. How do I charge MYLÉ Device?
  • MYLÉ Devices are not rechargeable; they come with a fully charged battery.