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IQOS Iluma i Prime In Dubai UAE
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IQOS Iluma i Prime In Dubai UAE

Original price was: 600,00 د.إ.Current price is: 490,00 د.إ.


Available Colors:

  • Breeze Blue
  • Garnet Red Purple
  • Midnight Black

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Certainly! The IQOS Iluma i Prime is an advanced heated tobacco device designed by Philip Morris International (PMI) for adults seeking an alternative to traditional smoking. Let’s explore its features and benefits:

Smartcore Induction System of IQOS Iluma i Prime:

    • The Iluma i Prime incorporates PMI’s bladeless Smartcore Induction System.
    • This technology heats tobacco from within, ensuring a consistent taste experience without leaving tobacco residue.
    • Users can enjoy smoother and richer puffs with this innovative heating method.

Touchscreen Interface of IQOS Iluma i Prime:

    • Convenience is at your fingertips with the touchscreen interface.
    • Easily access relevant information and customize your vaping experience effortlessly.
    • Whether you’re a seasoned user or new to IQOS, the intuitive design makes it user-friendly.

Leather-like Wrap:

    • PMI prioritizes sustainability with the IQOS Iluma i Prime.
    • The inner textile layer of the leather-like wrap is made from 100% recycled plastic.
    • This commitment to environmental responsibility aligns with the smoke-free vision.

Available Colors of IQOS Iluma i Prime:

    • The Iluma i Prime comes in several stylish colors:
      • Breeze Blue
      • Garnet Red Purple
      • Midnight Black

Benefits of IQOS Iluma i Prime:

    • Consistent Taste Experience:
      • The Smartcore Induction System ensures a smooth and reliable taste with every puff.
      • Say goodbye to variations in flavor due to residue buildup.
    • No Tobacco Residue:
      • Cleaning your device after each use is hassle-free.
      • The Iluma i eliminates tobacco residue, providing a cleaner vaping experience.
    • Sleek Design:
      • The premium leather-like wrap and modern touchscreen interface make the Iluma i Prime a sophisticated accessory.
      • It’s perfect for discerning adults who appreciate style and functionality.

If you’re in Dubai, UAE, you can explore the IQOS Iluma i Prime and join PMI’s vision for a smoke-free future. Whether you choose the Obsidian Black, Gold Khaki, Bronze Taupe, or Jade Green variant, you’ll experience a premium tobacco indulgence without combustion. Enjoy your upgraded vaping journey!

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Breeze Blue, Garnet Red Purple, Midnight Black


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