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MYLE Micro Bar 1500 Puffs
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MYLE Micro Bar 1500 Puffs

35,00 د.إ270,00 د.إ

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Exploring the MYLE Micro Bar 1500 Puffs: A Vaper’s Delight

Introduction: Unveiling the Next Generation of Portable Pod Systems

In the dynamic world of vaping, the MYLE Micro Bar 1500 Puffs emerges as the latest innovation in portable pod systems. This article delves into the intricacies of this pocket-sized powerhouse, exploring its features, flavors, and why it has become a favorite among vapers.

Unboxing the MYLE Micro Bar 1500 Puffs

A Glimpse at What’s Inside

Let’s start by uncovering what awaits when you unbox the MYLE Micro Bar. From design to content, every aspect is geared towards a satisfying vaping experience.

Understanding the Micro Bar 1500 Puffs 20mg

The Compact Marvel

What sets the MYLE Micro Bar apart? Discover the specifics of this disposable vape pen – compact yet powerful, offering 1500 puffs with 20mg of nicotine salt.

The Popularity Behind Myle Micro Bar 1500 Puffs

A Perfect Blend of Simplicity and Satisfaction

Explore why the MYLE Micro Bar 1500 Puffs has gained immense popularity. It’s the ideal on-the-go companion, seamlessly combining simplicity with a satisfying vaping experience.

Features that Make Micro Bar Stand Out

Leakproof Construction: A Game-Changer

Dive into the impressive features of the Micro Bar, focusing on its leakproof construction. Say goodbye to sticky pockets and messy hands.

Flavor Extravaganza

With over 20 flavors, the Micro Bar caters to every palate. From fruity delights to cool classics, the variety is extensive.

Button-Free Operation

Experience the simplicity of the Micro Bar – no buttons, no switches. Just inhale, and let the device work its magic.

Product User Experience & More Information



The MYLE Micro Bar Disposable 1500 Puffs is a vaping marvel, offering a lightweight and portable solution for vapers. With 20+ flavors and approximately 1500 puffs, it’s a game-changer in the disposable vape world.


  • Lightweight and Portable
  • 20+ Flavors
  • Approximately 1500 Puffs
  • 2% / 20mg Tobacco-Free Nicotine
  • Pre-filled 3ml Tank
  • Waterproof and Sealed
  • Zero Maintenance Required


  • Blue Razz: Blueberry | Raspberry | Candy
  • Banana Ice: Bananas | Mint Menthol
  • Georgia Peach: Georgian Juicy Peaches
  • Iced Mint: Spearmint | Mint | Menthol
  • Iced Quadberry: Raspberries | Blueberries | Blackberries | Menthol
  • Iced Watermelon: Ripe Watermelon | Menthol
  • Los Ice: Sweet Watermelon | Mint Menthol
  • Mango Ice: Peaches | Mango | Cream | Menthol
  • Peach Ice: Peach | Mint Menthol
  • Pink Lemonade: Tarty Sweet Lemonade
  • Prime Pear: Crispy Pears
  • Red Apple: Sweet Juicy Crisp Red Apple
  • Bano: Classic Tobacco
  • Sweet Tobacco: Bold Sweet Tobacco
  • True Tobacco: Rich Earthy Tobacco
  • Blue Berry: Tarty Blueberry
  • Luscious Grape: Juicy Grapes
  • Mega Melon: Mango | Cantelope | Papaya
  • Strawberry Slushy: Strawberry Slush | Mint Menthol
  • Sweet Churro: Sweet Cinnamon



Why Choose MYLE MICRO BAR from Vape Dubai GO:

Vape Dubai GO offers a comprehensive selection of disposable vapes, including MYLE MICRO BAR. Here’s why it’s the go-to choice:

  • Authenticity Guarantee: Vape Dubai GO ensures the authenticity of MYLE MICRO BAR and stocks the hottest vapes.
  • Hassle-Free Shopping: With Vape Dubai GO, online shopping for vapes becomes a breeze.


MYLE MICRO BAR DISPOSABLE 1500 PUFFS goes beyond being just a disposable vape; it’s a seamless blend of convenience, flavor, and satisfaction. As you explore Vape Dubai GO, choose the option that suits you best and remember to enjoy responsibly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Micro Bar Suitable for Beginners?

Absolutely! The Micro Bar offers an exceptional vaping experience with soothing quality, making it perfect for beginners.

Can I Refill the Micro Bar with My E-liquid?

No, the Micro Bar is a disposable device. Attempting to refill it or mix your e-liquid may lead to malfunctions and health risks.

What Flavors are Available?

Choose from over twenty exciting flavors, ranging from fruity options to classic tobacco.

How Many Puffs Does the Micro Bar Offer?

The Micro Bar boasts an impressive 1500 puffs, ensuring extended vaping enjoyment.

What Makes the Micro Bar Unique?

The Micro Bar stands out with its leakproof design, button-free operation, and a wide array of flavors, offering a hassle-free and flavorful vaping experience.

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Banana Ice, Blue Raz, Blueberry, Iced Mint, Iced Quad Berry, Iced Watermelon, Mango Ice, Peach ice, Pink Lemonade, Red Apple, Sweet Tobacco, Beno, Georgia Peach, Los Ice, Luscious Grape, Mega Melon, Prime Pear, Strawberry Slushy, Sweet Churro, True Tobacco

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1pc/pack, 10pack/1box


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