IQOS TEREA Indonesia Dimensions Apricity
Discover IQOS TEREA Indonesia Dimensions Apricity
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Discover IQOS TEREA Indonesia Dimensions Apricity

145,00 د.إ

Weight: 25 – 200 g
100% authentic by IQOS Indonesia

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IQOS TEREA Indonesia Dimensions Apricity

the latest offering from Terea Indonesia, introduces a unique and indulgent smoking experience. This carefully crafted tobacco blend combines rich and indulgent flavors with subtle ripe stone fruit nuances, layered with woody notes and velvety creamy sensations. The result is a luxurious smoking sensation that captivates the senses with every puff.

IQOS TEREA Indonesia Dimensions Apricity :

The advanced heating system ensures efficiency and cleanliness, preserving the rich tobacco flavor. Available in Dubai, UAE, this product boasts authenticity, weighing between 25 to 200g. IQOS Terea Indonesia Dimensions Apricity is a testament to the brand’s commitment to providing smokers with a sophisticated and less harmful alternative.

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1. What is IQOS TEREA Dimensions Apricity? IQOS TEREA Dimensions Apricity is a premium tobacco blend from Indonesia, offering a rich and indulgent smoking experience with subtle stone fruit nuances, woody notes, and velvety creamy sensations.

2. How does the advanced heating system work? The advanced heating system ensures a clean and efficient smoking experience by carefully heating the tobacco blend without combustion, preserving the exquisite flavor while reducing harmful chemicals.

3. Where is IQOS TEREA Dimensions Apricity available? IQOS TEREA Dimensions Apricity is now available in Dubai, UAE, providing smokers with a luxurious and authentic option for a satisfying smoking experience.

4. What sets Terea Heets Indonesian apart from traditional cigarettes? Terea Heets Indonesian offers a unique flavor and aroma derived from a specially selected blend of tobacco sourced from Indonesia. The tobacco is processed to reduce harmful chemicals, providing a potentially less harmful option for smokers.

5. Why choose IQOS Terea Heets Indonesian? As more people seek healthier alternatives to smoking, IQOS Terea Indonesia stands out for its unique blend, reduced harmful chemicals, and the popularity of heat-not-burn tobacco products as a less harmful alternative to traditional cigarettes.


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